Amin Alizadeh

Amin Alizadeh has started his doctorate program in the fall, 2019. His research focuses on registration between 3D point to 2D, deep learning, computer vision, matching, and super-resolution analysis.


Amin is part of Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility (ISSUM) funded by the Ontario Research Fund, York University, University of Waterloo, and private sector partners (Esri Canada, Fugro Roadware, Miovision, Mircom, Teledyne Optech, Exascale Solutions, Trans-Plan). [Details]


S. Gholinejad, A. Amiri-Simkooei, S. H. A. Moghaddam, and A. Alizadeh Naeini, “An automated PCA-based approach towards optimization of the rational function model,” ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, vol. 165, pp. 133-139, 2020.

A. Alizadeh Naeini, S. H. A. Moghaddam, M. M. Sheikholeslami, and A. Amiri-Simkooei, “Application of PCA Analysis and QR Decomposition to Address RFM’s Ill-Posedness,” Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, vol. 86, no. 1, pp. 17-21, 2020.

M. M. Sheikholeslami, S. Nadi, A. Alizadeh Naeini, and P. Ghamisi, “An Efficient Deep Unsupervised Superresolution Model for Remote Sensing Images,” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, vol. 13, pp. 1937-1945, 2020.

M. Seydgar, A. Alizadeh Naeini, M. Zhang, Wei Li, M.Sattari “3D Convolution-Recurrent Networks for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images”, Remote Sensing Journal, 2019.

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Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Earth and Space Sciences, York University, Canada

Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Civil Engineering- Surveying-Photogrammetry, University of Tehran, Iran

Master of Sciences (MS), Civil Engineering- Surveying-Photogrammetry, University of Tehran, Iran

Bachelor of Science (BS), Civil Engineering- Surveying and Geomatics Engineering, University of Tabriz, Iran

2019 – Present

2010 – 2015

2008 – 2010

2004 – 2008



Graduate Research Assistant, GeoICT/ AUSMLab, York University Canada

Sep, 2019 – Present


Teaching Assistant, York University, Canada

Lecturer at University of Isfahan, Iran

Sep, 2019 – Present

Sep, 2015 – Aug, 2019