Seungho Yang

Dr. Seungho Yang has started his postdoctoral fellowship in the summer, 2018. His research focuses on urban mobility and pedestrian study.


Dr.Yang is part of Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility (ISSUM) funded by the Ontario Research Fund, York University, University of Waterloo, and private sector partners (Esri Canada, Fugro Roadware, Miovision, Mircom, Teledyne Optech, Exascale Solutions, Trans-Plan)


Park, H., Yang, S., Park, PY., Kim, D., 2020, Multiple membership multilevel model to estimate intersection crashes, Accident Analysis & Prevention, 144

Yang, S., Ahmad, A., Park, PY., Sohn, G., Krygsman, J., 2020, Public transit service reliability assessment using tow-fluid model, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2674

Yang, S., Kim, H., Kim, S., Ahn, K., 2018, What is achieved and lost in living in a mixed-income neighborhood? Findings from South Korea, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 33

Kim, H., Yang, S., 2017, Neighborhood walking and social capital: The correlation between walking experience and individual perception of social capital, Sustainability, 9

Yang, S., Claudio, P., Ahmad, A., Park, PY., Sohn, G., 2019, Development of a Computer-Vision Based on Real-Time Pedestrian Comfort Estimation System (Poster), Transportation Association of Canada and ITS Canada 2019 Joint Conference and Exhibition

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Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Civil & Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Civil, Urban & Geosystem Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea

2009 – 2014

2005 – 2009



Postdoctoral Fellow, GeoICT/ AUSMLab, York University Canada

Postdoctoral Fellow, Engineering Research Institute in Seoul National University

May, 2018 – Present

2014- 2015


Lecturer, Shinhan University, South Korea

2015 – 2017


Researcher, Goyang-City Research Institute, South Korea

Team Manager, Han-a Urban Research Institute, South Korea

2017 – 2018

2015 – 2017