Lab Activity Outreaching

Hosting high-school girls for the Helen Carswell STEAM Program for Women

Our lab hosted two talented high school girls in July as part of the Helen Carswell STEAM Program for Women. We are happy to have Aisha Yusuf from Kipling Collegiate Institute (Grade 11) and Queenie Castasus from St. Basil-the-Great College School (Grade 10). Krystel Reyes, 3rd year undergraduate student in Geomatics Engineering Program in York University, has been supervising their research project on “urban tree management for sustainable development”. Dr. Connie Ko, a Research Associate in the lab, and two undergraduate interns, Harry Kim from University of Toronto (Applied Mathematics) and York University (Geography) have been also supporting this project. Queenie and Aisha have been involved in an analysis of tree spatial data inventories and radiometric characteristics of threes using laser intensity data collected with a hand-held laser scanner (GeoSLAM). Their finding was successfully presented at the event for the STEAM poster exhibition.