Undergraduate Student Undergraudate Internship

Brian Diep – LURA Student 2019

Brian Diep is a first year student at the University of Toronto specializing in in Computer Science and Linguistics. Brian joined our lab as Lassonde Undergraduate Research Assistant (LURA) student during this Summer. Brian will be working on deep convolution neural network for segmenting pavement images taken with various vision sensors such as consumer grade cameras and laser scanner to identify pavement cracks. Brian is particularly interested in data augmentation to increase training reference images using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and effectively transferring trained neural networks with pavement cracks to concrete bridge crack domain. Brian will be closely working with Gideon Gumisiriza and Dr. Ningyuan Li from Ministry of Transportation Ontario.

Brian has enthusiastic supporters, Sunny and Zahra!

More photos of Brian’s poster presentation at the Research Day at Lassonde Undergraduate Summer Student Research Conference held at the New Student Centre on August 15th, 2019. You can find more information about Lassonde Undergraduate Summer Student Research Conference via http://www.lassondeundergraduateresearch.com/2019-summer-research-at-lassonde/.