Lab Activity

Ali Baligh’s PhD Defense

On August 20th, Ali successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled with “3D reconstruction of indoor corridor model using single imagery and video sequences”. Ali’s dissertation oral exam was conducted by an examining committee including Dr. Kourosh Khoshelhem (University of Melbourne, External Examiner), Dr. Zhen Ming (Jack) Jiang, (EECS, Internal Member), Dr. Petros Faloutsos (EECS, Committee Member), Dr. Cosats Armenakis (ESSE, Committee Member) and Dr. Amaneh Jadidi Mardkheh (EESE, Chair).

Ali received the prestigious Ontario Trillium Scholarship and his research works have been supported by the Ontario Research Fund: Research Excellence Program, Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility (ISSUM) and NSERC CREATE Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV).

Through his doctoral project, Ali has studied a structural modeling indoor modeling from a single photograph which enables producing Manhattan wireframe model of indoor corridor scene (called corridor layout). This result was extended to in the frame of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), where his single-photo-based layout model was used for tracking, mapping and loop closure. He named this entire pipeline as Layout SLAM. You can find his research work in this video –

Ali is currently working as a Post-doctoral Fellow in the lab and writing his journal paper based on Layout SLAM and extend this research to participatory model alignments for reconstructing a large-scale indoor mapping. He is leading a SLAM project with Teledyne Optec as part of 3D Mobile Mapping AI (3DMMAI).