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Congratulations on the success of the thesis defence – Eros Gulo

Eros Gulo successfully defended his oral thesis examinations on May 28, 2020. The title of his Master’s thesis is “Indoor positioning using WLAN signal fingerprint matching and path evaluation with retroactive adjustment on mobile devices.” The examination committee for Eros’s thesis defence is Professors Mojgan Jadidi (Chair), Ali Asagary (Internal Member) and Sunil Bisnath (Committee Member). Professor Regina Lee has co-supervised Eros’s thesis work.

A group photo taken at Ero’s virtual thesis examination.
A video demonstrating the PERA indoor positioning system (demonstrated by Eros Gulo)

In his thesis, Eros proposed a novel indoor positioning module called Path Evaluation and Retroactive Adjustment (PERA). The PERA aims to improve the positioning accuracy by fusing the results obtained with Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) signal fingerprint matching (WSFM) with a multi-scale movement regularity evaluation. In this framework, his research focuses on how to implement and integrate smoothness regularity of human movement with conventional signal matching-based positioning. The experiments who that the PERA module enables reducing the positioning errors to the mean positioning errors of 0.8-1.4 meters during 95% of the time across all testing settings.

Eros’s research is based on our previous indoor positioning research works that have been conducted by Solomon Chan (graduated in 2013 with the thesis of “A hybrid probabilistic approach for Wi-Fi based indoor location estimation.”). Afhan Ahmad, Ph.D. student, continues to improve Ero’s research findings in our lab. Eros is working as a software developer at Mapsted, an indoor positioning company in Toronto.

Congratulations, Eros on your achievement!

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